Why Not To Follow The GM Diet Plan

The GM Diet Plan – A Bane

Who doesn't want to lose that extra weight, those oozing inches or that annoying double chin! In our desperation to manage weight for a cousin's wedding or a friend's bachelorette party, we sometimes tend to take drastic measures. Yes, I am talking about the drastic diets that we try and follow before such occasions. However, not only are these not sustainable but also have grave consequences in the long run. That is why it is important to go for more a stable and sustainable diet like the Honey Diet.

To confirm this, I asked friends and family if they had ever followed any diet plans, the answers were quite interesting. One said, "Yes, I followed the GM diet plan but please don't try it, I put on all the weight again!" Another said, "Yes, I'd once tried the GM diet plan but I wasn't able to continue it for more than 3 days." The GM diet plan is a 7-day procedure that is believed to help lose almost 5-7 kilograms within a week. Very tempting idea, right? But beware. The diet is pretty heavy-duty and has several shortcomings. Here's why the plan doesn't work in the long term.

  • The diet is restrictive because it doesn't give the followers any alternatives, which is why it's not sustainable for too long. The dieter is likely to lose interest and motivation very early in the diet plan.
  • The diet also poses several health risks as people who followed it in the past, complained of headache, sudden hair loss, anaemia and general weakness among others.
  • A lot of people who followed the diet also claimed that they gained the weight back as soon as they had lost it when they stopped following the diet. This is because the body cravings go up substantially after intense diets like this.
  • The GM diet can also mess with the body's natural metabolism which is used to functioning in a very different way and may not accept the sudden changes too well. This could manifest in some very nasty ways. And that is why it is important not to just diet, but to diet smart. Choose a diet that is natural and one that you can follow for a long time on a regular basis. Try the natural Honey Diet and see the difference for yourself, over a long period of time

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