Dabur Honey Tasties

Dabur Honey Tasties is flavored honey (Chocolate and Strawberry) that is utterly appetizing and healthy. First of its kind, from the House of Dabur Honey, it is tasty honey tailored just for your kids. With Dabur Honey Tasties, you can now easily make food more interesting, delicious, and nutritious for your kids in a convenient manner. Overall, honey made better and tastier!

Dabur Honey Tasties is your kid’s new fun and versatile friend in the most beloved chocolate and strawberry flavors. Mothers can now give the goodness of honey to their kids without worrying if their kids will like its taste, because they will.

  • Enriched with Vitamin D
  • Source of Nutrition & Energy
  • Source of Antioxidants & Minerals
  • Honey helps boost immunity
How to use

Add it in milk to make the milk tastier
Use it as a spread on breads/chapatis
Add it to your breakfast cereal
Pour it on your pancakes & waffles
Use it to flavour your yogurt
Use it as a topping on ice-creams & cookies

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