5 Crazy Crash Diets: How They Harm You

5 Crazy Crash Diets: How They Harm You

Dieting has always been a fad, especially with women who are too conscious of their physical appearance. However, what they don’t often realise is that one should diet to get fit and not thin. If you must, then you should follow a healthy and balanced diet like the Honey Diet instead of crazy unbalanced ones like the plans below.

  • Baby food diet
    This diet became very popular at one point of time when actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon switched to the diet to manage weight. As per this plan, the dieter replaces breakfast and lunch with jars of baby food and only consumes regular dinner. Aside from the fact that it’s just weird to be consuming baby food for weeks, such a diet can lead to binge eating by the end of the day which defeats the purpose anyway.
  • Apple cider vinegar diet
    Can you imagine drinking vinegar before every meal for weeks? Ugh! Well, famous people like Lord Byron and Megan Fox did it. Not only is the idea revolting and the diet unbalanced, the chances of your abandoning the diet (if you manage to start at all) are very very high.
  • Tape worm diet
    Yes, it may sound disgusting but people including some celebrities are believed to have followed this grossly dangerous diet. There are even advertisements of cans of ‘sanitised tapeworms’ with ‘no ill effects’ selling the wares! So, parasites in your intestines, basically, aren’t a big deal.
  • Cotton ball diet
    This diet is exactly as bizarre as it sounds. The cotton ball diet involves consuming cotton balls dipped in water or orange juice for some flavor. This diet has been popular with models and ballerinas but is widely criticized due to its lack of nutrition and unsustainability.
  • Grapefruit diet
    This diet is supposedly based on the myth that grapefruit cuts fat and it became rather popular in the 1970s. In this plan, the dieter eats meats, lots of grapefruit and very little carbs. But research has shown that grapefruit doesn’t burn fat as such and the diet is not productive in the long term. Trying to lose 5kgs in 10 days isn't healthy. Even if a fad diet works, one is likely to gain all the weight back. Even doctors recommend that for lasting results, it's better to manage weight at a slower, steadier rate, focusing on a stable plan like the Honey Diet that you can live with for life. After all, fad diets come and go but your body stays on forever.

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