The Ahmedabad-based Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS) has ranked Dabur Honey as the best buy after conducting tests on 17 brands of honey in its in-house laboratory. Dabur Honey scored the highest in both flavour and aftertaste.

As the largest player in the branded honey market, Dabur is powered by an extensive sourcing network and practices stringent quality control measures. Here’s how your favourite honey is made before it reaches you:


Honey is sourced from various parts of the country like Himalayan Regions, Sunderbans, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, as well as Nepal.


After being sourced from various beehives, the raw honey is sent to the state-of-art lab in Himachal Pradesh. At the lab, it is tested on physical and chemical parameters including adulteration. After these tests, honey is blended in the right proportion to get the perfect texture, aroma, taste and colour. Once it is blended, it remains in a standstill position for 8 hours to settle in.


Dabur Honey bottles are sterilized and passed through induction sealing. And this is what makes Dabur Honey the best, purest honey in the country.

With Dabur Ginger and Honey, relieve yourself of cough and cold naturally! This mixture makes use of the antioxidant properties of both Honey and Ginger.

Your search for the Best Honey Brand in India for Weight Loss ends here! Dabur Honey is ranked as the No. 1 Honey by Consumer Voice! Grab your bottle of liquid gold today!

The benefits of honey go beyond its delicious flavor. Take advantage of the various honey benefits and nurture your body back to health!

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