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Dabur Honey has been the preferred choice of consumers when it comes to Pure Honey, and it is this love that has made Dabur Honey not only one of the Best Honey Brands in India but also the Best Honey in the World. We have been ranked as the 'No. 1 Honey Brand' by Consumer Voice Magazine.

Honey is deemed as a top health food across the globe. The benefits of honey , also known as the thick golden liquid, have been valued since ages.

After being sourced from various beehives, the raw honey is tested on various parameters; including adulteration. After these tests, honey is blended in the right proportion to get the perfect texture, aroma, taste and colour. Before sealing the various Dabur Honey bottles, they are sterilized. And this is why when it comes to best honey brands in India, Dabur has always been a leading brand on that list.

We believe, every individual should take advantage of the various benefits of pure honey by making it a part of their daily routine. You can do this by either having a spoon of honey first thing in the morning or just before sleeping at night; or you can also substitute it for sugar in your daily diet.

Try Dabur Ginger Honey - a natural remedy for cough and cold! Honey is one of the oldest dry cough home remedies, this combined with Ginger guarantees instant relief.

Benefits of Honey

Discover some amazing benefits of honey today! Honey not only helps with weight loss and cough but also helps with digestion, sleeping and more. Learn different ways in which you can consume honey responsibly so that you can reap the various health benefits of this liquid gold.

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Invest in the goodness of honey by buying pure honey from Dabur. Reach out for your share of health and fitness today.

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