Honey Vs. Sugar

It is evident that people are switching to a healthier lifestyle. Naturally then, the shift from refined sugars to honey is picking up pace.

Honey is no longer just a storehouse of health benefits. It is also a healthy substitute for refined sugar. While both honey and sugar contain glucose and fructose, honey additionally contains a special enzyme that the bees add to it while the liquid is being made. Moreover, sugar lacks proteins, enzymes and vitamins, which get destroyed during the process of manufacture.Honey, on the other hand, is a natural sugar and hence retains its nutrients.

The following facts about honey will make you think twice about consuming sugar:
  • One table spoon (15g) of Honey contains lesser calories than sugar and Honey is sweeter than sugar. Thus, you may add less honey to get the same level of sweetness, thereby lesser calories consumed.

  • The bees also add a special enzyme to honey while the liquid is being manufactured, which makes the liquid easy to digest.

  • Honey has lower Glycemic Index(GI) than Sugar.

  • Honey is a source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other enzymes that the body requires for a healthier functioning which are not present in Sugar.

  • Sugar has more calories and less sweeter than honey hence you end up consuming more calories.

  • Sugar does not contain any special enzyme to ease digestion.

  • Sugar has higher Glycemic Index (GI) than Honey.

  • Sugar does not have these essential nutrients and hence it is not so healthy.

Being a reservoir of so many health benefits, honey surely sounds like a convincing switch. Try Dabur's tasteful honey that combines the best of taste with the best of health.