Frequently Asked Questions about Honey

Frequently Asked Questions about Dabur Honey

Following are the most commonly asked questions about honey.

  • What are the health benefits of honey?

    1. Honey is Useful for Weight Loss
    2. Home Remedy for Cough
    3. Honey is used for Healing Wounds
    4. Honey acts as a Natural Sleeping Aid
    5. Natural Energy Drink
    6. Honey for Your Face & Skin
    7. Natural Home Remedy for Dandruff
    8. Helps prevent cancer
    9. Helps regulate blood sugar
    10.Honey helps treat sinus issues

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  • Is it true that honey which crystallises is not pure honey?

    No. Granulation is a perfectly natural process of crystallisation of the Glucose content in honey. Which is why it should not be refrigerated. In fact, crystallised honey can easily be liquefied by placing the bottle in hot water or out in the sun.

  • Is honey a complete natural food?

    Yes, it is. Honey contains essential nutrients, including carbohydrates, mineral, amino acids, proteins and vitamins.

  • Is it bad to have honey in summer?

    No. In fact, as a rich source of carbohydrates, honey provides energy without building heat. So like glucose, it’s ideal for summer.

  • Is honey collected directly from the beehive purer than filtered or processed honey?

    No. Honey extracted straight from beehives contains impurities like pollen, wax and dust. To make it safe for consumption, it has to be filtered and processed.

  • Can you tell the purity of honey from its colour?

    No, you can’t. The colour of honey ranges from almost watery white to dark, depending on the flower from which the nectar was collected.

  • Is it true that thicker the consistency, better the honey?

    No. The lower the natural water content, thicker the honey. Thickness has nothing to do with the quality.

  • How much honey can I eat every day?

    Excessiveness of any food, including honey is not wise. One excellent way to healthier eating is to use honey in our everyday food, for example, replace empty-calorie table sugar with nutritious honey in your routine beverages, spread honey instead of jam on bread, etc. For instance, if all this while you have been taking tea, coffee, or juices with table sugar in your regular meals, you could straight away replace the sugar with honey.

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