Medicinal Uses Of Honey

Medicinal use of Dabur honey

What people are not aware of is that it is believed to be an important ingredient for preventing cancer and remedial for other health/medical conditions as recommended by ayurveda.

Honey is a natural ingredient that possesses anti-tumour properties unlike sugar. While it has been recommended to stay away from sugar for cancer patients, one must not stay sugar free. Hence, a honey diet is recommended. There are studies that suggest regarding the treatment of breast and lung cancers, honey is a good agent that aids cancer patient's recovery. It appears that honey is an intelligent food item that is selectively toxic to tumour or cancer cells and non-cytotoxic to normal cells.*

Honey aids in combatting common ailments like: headaches, cuts and bruises, burns, acne and pimples, dry skin, nausea, dizziness and more. For instance, one must chew honeycomb to calm down a severe hay fever. The Chinese believe that consuming honey drink helps reduce the heat in the body, and thus cure ailments like fever, sore throat, pimples and more.

Another interesting use of honey is to consume it with warm milk before you sleep. If you've been sleepless for a while, this magic drink will make your body relax and make you drift into a comfortable sleep.

Reach out for honey, for a quick home-remedy, for a safer and a healthier life.

*Reference: Food Chem. Toxicol. 2011, 49, 871-878, J. Pathol. 2012, 226, 352-364.

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