Benefits Of Honey And Onion Juice For Hair

Benefits Of Honey And Onion Juice For Hair

Hair loss can be embarrassing and it is people’s one of the worst nightmares. Hair loss can considerably dip your confidence from hundred to zero. Hair acts as a crown in giving you the perfect confidence boost which in turn shapes your personality. So the fear of losing or actually having lost your hair can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and various other aspects of you. The reason for hair fall can be innumerable. Some of which are imbalance of male and female hormones, estrogens and androgens, taking certain medication, chemotherapy, due to underlying health disorder such as anemia and diabetes, stress and various other reasons. The negative impact of hair loss on you can be avoided with the use of onion juice and honey. The benefits of honey are many. We know the fact about applying the sticky mixture of onion juice and honey for hair growth sounds grotesque. Come on! You have to pay a price to obtain the good things in life. Henceforth, deal with the smell and sticky, and it is not as bad as you visualize it to be.


Some honey related remedies, especially the one involving onion juice has shown rejuvenation of the scalp and has ensured hair growth overtime. Onion is used because it is rich in Sulphur which is one of the essential minerals in encouraging hair growth. Blood circulation gets better due to Sulphur which provides the hair follicles with the perfect amount of nourishment. The anti-bacterial properties of onion helps to heal scalp infections that can contribute to hair loss. Also, it contains anti-oxidants, which is an antioxidants such as enzyme catalase that can prevent the hair from pre-mature greying. Honey is a natural ingredient which consists of fructose and glucose, and also has vital nutrients and vitamins that helps in healing and nourishing the body. Honey has a beautiful property of retaining water and that it reason why it an effective hair moisturizer. Thus, using honey for hair can be vital in providing moisture to your hair and prevent it from breaking. Just imagine the power of combining onion juice and honey for hair growth. Trust us, the effect can be massive if applied regularly for some months.


This is a commonly practiced home remedy to get rid of dandruff and subsequent hair loss. Read more on how to remove dandruff at our blog.


  1. Honey
  2. Onion Juice


  1. Mix the two ingredients.
  2. Then, massage your scalp and hair roots gently.

All good things come to you only when you learn the art of patience. Be patient and apply this mixture on a regular basis for smooth hair growth.

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