I never believed that Honey could help me lose weight until my mom coaxed me start taking a teaspoon every day. A teaspoon of Dabur Honey with warm water first thing in the morning is how I started. I tried it for a month and to my surprise it actually helped me in increasing my metabolism rate. With regular exercise and Dabur Honey I have managed to lose 9 kgs in two months

-Manjeet Kaur – 42 years Ludhiana

I have a big sweet tooth. The very reason I had put on a lot of weight. One of my friends suggested me to use Dabur Honey instead of sugar. In the beginning, I was skeptical but then this little change in my regular intake has helped me to get my waistline right back to where it should be. 28 inches.

-Rhea Mukherjee- 33 years Delhi

The summer holidays have always been daunting with my kids demanding to eat something new and special every day. To my surprise my favourite cookery helped me solve this problem. Mixing honey in regular food could just change the taste like anything. And with honey, you could experiment every day. Honey Paranthas, Honey crispy fried noodles, Honey Oats and the list goes on. My kids love these recipes and so do I love cooking them.

-Simran Singh – 30 years, Mumbai

My metabolism has always been on the slower side, which has made it difficult to control my weight. I consulted a dietician for the same and she recommended I start using honey instead of sugar in my tea and also to start my day with a glass of warm water and honey. This small advice has helped me in getting my system right and now I am able to control my weight just the way I wanted.

-Purnima Bali – 38 Delhi

I have always been a fitness freak. My day starts with working out in the gym and a bit of running then. But college takes a toll on me. Having Dabur honey in my regular diet has helped my keep a tab on my hunger and also my weight too. Now, I am fit and feeling just the way I should.

-Sakshi Chauhan, 23, Chandigarh
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